Monday, 13 February 2017

Fashion Parade Bride London 2017

London held host to another feast for Asian fashion fans, the Fashion Parade Bride show. This event celebrate a number of Pakistani fashion designers including: Nomi Ansari, Tena Durrani, and Maria B.

Nomi Ansari and Model

Here are some of my faves from the show!

Nomi Ansari 
I love the bold colour combinations from Nomi Ansari. This collection is called Dahlia, and was inspired by  "the land of traditions, myths and legends. Features include an ensemble of traditional techniques, classic cuts and a magnificent display of colour. You will experience vibrant hues, vivid prints, exquisite embellishments and intricate details on the runway. The silhouettes of peplums, voluminous skirts and lehngas fused together elaborate embroidery to create the perfect embodiment of grandeur and opulence"

Saira Rizwan
This collection, Chantilly, was all about heritage lace.

Maria B 
This collection was inspired by a visit to Turkey, think fresh blooming flowers set against the royal buildings of the Ottoman Empire. Featuring clean silhouettes and a pastel theme, the colours of ivory, emerald and dull gold create 3-Dimensional blooming motifs which breathe in the collection.

There was even a bit of "cold shoulder" style here too...

Here's the full event info!
Date: Monday 6th February 2017
Location: One Marylebone, London
Event Organisers/Sponsors: Studio by TCS, Mustang Productions
Photo credit: Rafyl
Full list of designers:
  • Nilofer Shahid
  • Nomi Ansari
  • Tena Durrani
  • Maria B
  • Shamaeel Ansari
  • Faiza Samee
  • Saira Rizwan
  • Rani Emaan
  • Seher Tareen
  • Sherzad Rahimtoola 
Check out my review and what I wore to 2015's Fashion Parade show.

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