Thursday, 16 February 2017

Shamaeel Ansari at the Fashion Parade Bride show London 2017

When I was looking through all the pics from the Fashion Parade Bride show, This collection was a real stand out for me at the Fashion Parade Bride show, so I felt it deserved it's own post!

When I read the designer's inspiration for this collection I realised straight away why it had such an appeal to me. It was inspired by one of my favourite places in London, The V&A Museum!

More specifically, "it traces its provenance to vintage textiles and Victorian tapestries to inspire a tribute to collections favoured by the V&A museum".

Fitted jackets with open floaty sleeves and there's totally a Far Eastern vibe going on here too!

Shamaeel has shared a video about the Fashion Parade Bride show and speaks in more depth about this collection. Check it out!

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