Monday 3 April 2017

Khaadi Trafford Centre Manchester Store Review

Last week, Pakistani womenswear fashion store Khaadi opened at The Trafford Centre in Manchester. I popped along for a visit to check out the clothes, the prices and more!

Khaadi already have stores in Westfield London shopping centre and at the Bullring in Birmingham, so the store concept is obviously tried and tested! Like most of the shops in the Trafford Centre the store front is all open with lots of space to browse.

I visitied early morning on a Friday, so it was really quiet and perfect for getting some photos. The first outfits to catch my eye at the front of the store were the lawn, one-piece, lighter fabric tunic tops and dresses.

This was where I found the lowest price outfits, starting from £25 and going up to £45.

Next up were these two piece kurta pajama outfits. These were priced at £60 each: 
This Kurta Pajama was priced at £60

There was lots of variety in prints, patterns and styles for these types of outfits and during my visit to the store I found a few non-asian people coming for a browse and checking these out - there's a real summer dress vibe to these which has a wide appeal.

Further towards the back of the store, you'll find the Khaadi Khaas Semi Formal collections. Prices for the outfits I saw here ranged from £160 up to £185

This blue and gold outfit was £185

This pastel floral embroidered outfit was £160

The store also had a small collection of formal outfits, like this one below. It's more heavily embroidered than the semi-formals, this was the most expensive thing I saw in the shop, priced at £375

During my browse in the store, saw a lot of size 10 outfits, but hardly any size 8's (I wear an 8!) so I asked the shop assistant about the different sizes available - did they have more stock in the store room perhaps?

The answer was a no unfortunately, they get their set amount of stock and when a size is sold out then it's gone. The size range goes from 8 - 16. The encouraging thing was that they said they get new stock regularly and the assistant was happy to find me an alternative style to the one I couldn't find in my size.

I didn't end up buying anything, but that's more because I'm being good with my spending right now, rather than me not finding anything I liked! I'd definitely pop back to check out the tops and tunics in the future and although I don't see myself buying any of the formals or semi-formals from here, I most likely will be back for a browse of the Khaadi Khaas range.

As mentioned, right now the store seems to be pulling in crowds from all races and ethnicities thanks to the British summer fashion and holiday trends, but it'll be interesting to see how the store does when the weather turns cooler and Autumn Winter trends starts kick in.

All these photos were taken by me - happy for you to use them but please credit if you do!

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