AsianFashionBlog.co.uk is an independent fashion blog written for a british-asian audience. My name is Nazma, and I'd call myself a fashion spectator because I’m no fashion expert, and I’m certainly not a fashion victim! I write about what I see and I'll tell you honestly what I think!

About Me
  • I live in Manchester and aside from running Asian Fashion Blog, I work full time in digital marketing. 
  • I first started blogging in 2003 to keep a diary of my time at university.

I set up Asian Fashion Blog in November 2007 when I was just starting the search for my own wedding outfit. I had a stack of asian wedding magazines but found they weren't enough to satisfy my hunger for asian fashion trends. So I decided to set up my own blog sharing photos from any fashion shows I attended and covering any fashion topics relevant to british asians.

In case you're interested, I bought my wedding lengha from Arinder Bhullar in Leicester, and my bridal jewellery from Kyles Collection in London.

I sadly split from my husband in 2015 but on the plus side, I'll hopefully get to be a bride again some day and have some new wedding outfit shopping stories to share!

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