Asianfashionblog.co.uk is an independent fashion blog written for a british-asian audience. My name is Nazma, also known as fashion spectator because I’m no fashion expert, and I’m certainly not a fashion victim! I’d call myself more of a fashion spectator, I see what’s out there I tell you what I think.

I set up asianfashionblog.co.uk in November 2007. I loved looking at photos of asian fashion and wasn't content with the quarterly asian magazines available in the UK at the time, so I decided to set up my own blog sharing photos from any fashion shows I attended and covering any fashion topics relevant to british asians.

About Me
I'm based in Manchester and although I'd love to travel the country attending fashion shows and reviewing asian fashion stores, I'm very much a "bedroom blogger" with a day job!
In the early days, asianfashionblog.co.uk focused quite heavily on bridal fashion because I was doing my own wedding shopping at the time! (For anyone interested, check out my review of buying a bridal outfit from Arinder Bhullar, and buying my wedding jewellery from Kyles Collection)